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Nature’s Rewards’ Ryan Bitter discusses Building Supply of California Broccoli

Supplies of broccoli out of California are down overall but they are slightly better than a few weeks ago. Read the whole article published on Fresh Plaza here.

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These restaurants around the globe are showcasing the versatility and beauty of cauliflower

The March-April 2020 Virtuoso Life Magazine features restaurants that are embracing the “new kale”…cauliflower! Check out the article here

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Nature’s Reward’s Phil Balestreri Gives Update on Mexicali Green Onions

Supplies of green onions are good and steady currently.

“Quality is great right now and the sizing is starting to come back,” says Phil Balestreri of Salinas, Ca.-based Steinbeck Country Produce Inc. who ships its green onions in the Nature’s Reward label. Read the full article here

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Romaine demand climbs back post-recall

Romaine demand is starting to pick up again following the mid-November recall and advisory warning on romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas, Ca. region. Check the full story from Fresh Plaza here

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Displaying Nature’s Reward color cauliflower in retail stores

Let me use this space to talk about Nature’s Reward orange, purple, green and Romanesco cauliflower. You can scroll down below to a prior post and see video of the harvesting and farming that goes into producing these products. Yet, I want to talk about how to sell these fine products in the retail space. Here is one thought by the good people of Nature’s Reward on the best way to move and promote these wonderful, colorful products. We believe retailers will be well-served to display all varieties of colors in the same location at the same time. In other words, build up a big display of traditional white cauliflower, orange cauliflower, purple cauliflower, green cauliflower, and romanesco. Arrange them all relatively randomly in the display to create a big cauliflower splash, basically a rainbow. Then, let the consumers decide which color they desire. We feel that anyone walking in the produce department would see this, stop, think about it, comment to other shoppers nearby on the beauty of all of this Nature’s Reward cauliflower and ultimately buy the product. For the shoppers’ convenience, there is a QR code on each head of our color cauliflower to help them with nutritional data and ways to cook and eat the product, plus other tidbits about the product. We think it would be fun! A big colorful display will just stop folks in their tracks. At Nature’s Reward, we believe it would be successful for the retailer, the shopper, and for us, the humble farmer of these amazing products. Who will be the next retailer to take this idea and run with it??? We would love to see any photos and will post them here if you’d like to share them.

Yours in produce,
Greg Beach

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New website highlights Nature’s Reward brand

So, Steinbeck Country Produce just switched our website to from  We sent an official press release (here) to describe why, yet I thought I would use this space to say a little bit more about our reasoning behind the change. Over 90% of our products are shipped in the Nature’s Reward label so when a customer sees our high quality merchandise in a store, warehouse, terminal, etc…it is now faster and seamless, to simply type in Nature’s Reward and go right to our site, right to us! There are also some search engine optimization reasons for making the change that frankly I do not understand yet thankfully we have folks here that do understand that world. Basically, we want people to know that we grow, harvest, and ship Nature’s Reward vegetables. We are proud of our quality and consistency day in, day out, year after year.  We are proud to be Nature’s Reward!  

Yours in Fresh Produce, Greg Beach

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How Does Color Cauliflower Get Its Color?

Have you ever seen those orange, purple and green cauliflower? Wonder how they got their color? It’s ALL natural! No dyes, no GMO’s. Nature’s Reward spills all the details.

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