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Bayer, Nature’s Reward and United Fresh Start Foundation Promote National School Lunch Week with New Broc-Stars Initiative for Kids

Monterey and Pajaro Valley Schools Offer High Rise Broccoli to Students,
Highlighting Sweet Taste and New Uses for Broccoli Stems

SALINAS, CA (October 14, 2021) – Monterey and Pajaro Valley Schools, in collaboration with Bayer and Nature’s Reward, celebrated National School Lunch Week by introducing students to High Rise™ Broccoli. Fresh from the field, this kid-friendly broccoli series was showcased for its sweet taste and edible stems through the innovative “Broc-Stars” program. Students in California sampled the broccoli during lunch and as part of culinary demos, appreciating its locally grown freshness. The initiative not only promotes healthy eating habits but also highlights the sustainability efforts of Nature’s Reward in Salinas Valley agriculture. Bayer’s commitment to the United Fresh Start Foundation further supports children’s access to nutritious produce. This collaborative effort underscores the community’s dedication to enhancing school nutrition and educating students about fresh vegetable options. For more details on this Fresh Plaza article, click here!